Beautify Your New Backsplash with Hidden Outlets

As the lead designer at Savage Design Team I always try (when possible) for our clients to hide the outlets by their countertops. We use power strips connected along the top edge of backsplash at the cabinet line. As illustrated in the picture the backsplash really stands out without interruption. on top of that when you are trying to impress your guest, you can clean your countertops off and have a simple yet beautiful design of natural wood and stone rather than a bunch of toasters and Keurig machines.

Everything Residential Stone Countertop backsplash attention to detail
Everything Residential Stone Countertop with Backsplash . We pay attention to the details.

By adding a hidden outlets up above you can really highlight the backsplash with some under cabinet lights. now you have something most of America doesn’t have. When a client hires everything Residential to remodel their home they expect modern practical designs. Leaving the backsplash as natural as possible accomplices that goal.

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