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Christian A. Carpenter

Build designer for Savage deign team.

Facts about the CAC :

Born in Mesa, Arizona. Attended elementary school in Mesa. Won the flag football Super Bowl at the east valley YMCA (MVP of the game). He moved to Ventura California in the 5th grade. Started riding dirt bikes and played some really good  tackle football as soon as he arrived . He became a little bit of a local celebrity in Ventura county as being one of the premier players featured on a TV show called BucTV that was hosted by Hannah Carpenter (his twin sister). One game short of the super bowl that year. Arizona boys killing it in Cali. He headed back to Arizona in 2009 in 9th grade. Played football at Mountain View high school. Transferred his junior year to Mesa high school and never looked back. Graduated in 2015 with ASU in mind. He decided college is not for him and became one of the youngest registered contractors in the state. Started remodeling houses with his school mates and some of his football player friends. He is the first graduate of the Young Entrepreneurs (an alternative to going to college). That is where he teaches the basics and advanced trade skills to the future workforce of America. As the trainees advance to for-mans they start learning entrepreneur skills from Savage's 7 steps to the freedom through entrepreneurship. He is debt free and attends Sun Valley community church where he has teamed up with other builders and like minded people where they for three years in a row have built homes for poverty stricken families in Haiti. In October of 2019 they will build 2 more homes. He is currently booked to be a public speaker opening for the band CTS. They will do high school concerts featuring that schools orchestra playing behind the rock band CTS. He will be speaking on the alternative to going to college. Young Entrepreneurs Tour 2019-2020. All proceeds go to the high school band department as a way to start training our young entrepreneurs.



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If you have a young entrepreneur. Or know one that is looking for an alternative from going into the debt trap called "college for everyone". Where over 70% of graduates do not work in the field that their degree is in and it is even a smaller percentage that even gets a degree. And start out in debt looking for a job that might not be there.      Come to see the CAC on the YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS TOUR

Why have a JOB, when you can own the Company!         It works for all the trades not just ours