utilizing a California patch is very helpful when there is no studs nearby and you need to patch drywall with a limited budget and tools. Once you get the hang of California patches you will be able to conquer bigger and bigger patches. Check out the youtube video to learn more.

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A lot of homes have awkward walls and closets that can make your house feel more closed in. Some of these walls are structural. However a lot of track homes have partition walls on the inside of the home. Taking these walls down and creating an open concept can make your house more valuable and flow better. Everything Residential specializes in removing and replacing load bearing walls or partition walls to create an open concept.


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What are the top rated cordless power tools for remodeling homes?

According to Architecture Lab they have rated Bosch, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Black & Decker, Makita, Hitachi and Ryobi as top rated cordless hand tools. In my vast experience as a manager at Savage design team,Also managing tool purchases at Everything Residential Hilti is the best corded and cordless power tools available and they are not even listed in this report. As a home builder, kitchen / bath remodeler and electrician my top three rated tools are Hilti, Dewalt and I will say when starting out  on a budget Ryobi is a good choice. Its not the highest quality but dependable and affordable for beginners.

Beautify your new Backsplash with hidden outlets.

As the lead designer at Savage design team i always try (when possible) For our clients to hide the outlets by their countertops. We use power strips connected along the top edge of backsplash at the cabinet line. As illustrated in the picture the backsplash really stands out without interruption. When a client hires everything Residential to remodel their home they expect modern practical designs. Leaving the backsplash as natural as possible accomplices that goal.


Just about all the box stores have pretty cabinets with a free kitchen layout. But have you ever really looked at the product they are selling? Look close at the hardware and how the product is made. Most times it will be a nice front with a particle board inside and the hardware is low grade. Our RAISED PANEL cabinets are all wood and use Birch doors and drawers with 3/4" plywood boxes using dovetail joints. This is a superior product. Our SHAKER CABINETS are high quality doors and drawers with 3/4 " plywood boxes. With easy close high quality hardware. When buying cabinets be sure to look really close at all the little details.

What It’s Like Being a Contractor’s Daughter

Living with contractors is definitely something else. Ever since my dad started his remodeling company and started working with construction workers, things have been more lively in the house. From my dad making calls and having meetings in his office to my brother trailing in dirt and concrete dust, things have been wild. It’s a good routine though, in my opinion. Instead of my dad working in a cubicle somewhere and my brother having some low end job, they’re able to spend time with me and the rest of the family in between work. They also teach my sister and I valuable pieces of information they know from working in the remodeling business. They give us learning experiences. For example, from time to time I help out on the website and I’ve learned a lot on how to build and manage it. Living with contractors has really opened a lot of doors to me that were not available otherwise.

4 most important things when hiring a residential contractor.

These four things are very important when signing a contract.
1) Make sure the company has LICENSE ROC#
This protects you and assures there is recourse available to you. Even though the contractor has a license does not mean they are a good honest company. check there standing with the ROC  (register of contractor). And that is why #2 is very important
2) Check as many REFERENCES AND REVIEWS as possible.
When Checking out the company, don't just rely on a reference sheet they provide you need to dig around a little bit. Check Google, Facebook, Home advisor and Home Depot if they are affiliated with these companies. This leads us to #3
3) Meet with the contractor in your home. IN-PERSON VIBE or FEELING. A lot of companies have all the paperwork in order but when you meet them it does not feel right. I believe that a person's intuition (gut feeling) is very important! pay attention to that. You need a good feeling when you do #4
4) COMMUNICATION is everything when doing a small handyman service call or a big kitchen,bath remodel or addition to your home. Communication should alway be through Email or text. not on the phone word of mouth. This leads to misunderstanding and he said she said. Read your contract and know the deal.
Doing these four things will make your project easier than you think.
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Nail guns are utilized for some errands including surrounding, material, deck and wrapping up. Most pneumatic nailers utilize packed air.  Others can be controlled by gas, or battery. Pneumatic nail guns are normally set off by either of two systems: contact trip triggers and consecutive triggers. While pneumatic nail gun triggers commonly appear to be identical, they can present altogether various degrees of danger. Contact trip trigger components permit the client to shoot the device whenever the trigger and the nose of the firearm — the contact component — are both pressed. Examination shows that pneumatic nail guns with contact triggers convey double the danger of intense injury contrasted with those with consecutive triggers. Consecutive triggers require the nose of the firearm be discouraged before the trigger can be pulled. This assists with evading the incidental release of nails. Examination shows that instruments with consecutive triggers convey a large portion of the danger of intense injury related with contact trip triggers. Double activity triggers, found in more up to date models, permit laborers to switch to and fro from contact excursion to consecutive.